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Who is D C Ketcham Photography? Daniel C Ketcham - a father ... a husband ... a guitarist .. a motorcyclist ... a bourbon drinker, and most of all.. a follower of Chirst.

If you want to know a little about me ... then here it is... I'm a driven type person... I'm very passionate of what I do... how I do it and am very determined. I like to have fun... and especially when it revolves around something I already like to do! I am a romantic... yes, thats right, a guy whos a romantic... but really; nothing wrong with that... I love my family... let me retype that.. I LOVE MY FAMILY! I am a family man... everything revolves around them and one of the reasons I do photography is for them... they inspire me to do this... to me...its family or nothing...That's why they are in the photos you are seeing above. I have learned that life truly revolves around LOVE and that love is all that matters. Also, I am a very long winded type person... I sometimes go too far in explanations or ideas... so... if you want to keep reading... its gonna be a little long.. but, more about me I am a husband to an awesome woman, a father of two of the absolute greatest blessings in the world, a salesman by day and a passionate photographer.... not to mention my involvement with the church 

Some people ask how long I've been doing photography... and really, for me it "started" at about the age of 12 and I really got into in high school... soon after that it was being the editor of the yearbooks, then off to college... once again editing yearbooks and just learning all I could about photography. When my children were born I picked it back up and then the digital age of photography was upon us.. and Thank God! Seriously.. I spent WAY too much money on film.. devolping and all... but... After being fed up with cattle call style photography I decided it was truly time to make my talents available to more than just my family.

As we all grow older, we find out what life is truly about, and just how precious those moments are... and even though, sometimes they may seem mundane and boring.. they are our life. Life is precious and time literally does fly by! Think about that... how many times do you hear... "wow, wasnt she/he just born?" but... remembering those moments is hard... and thats where photography comes in... those mundane moments, that can become special moments. And thats why I love what I do... I LOVE being a part of such special moments in people’s lives. I feel honored to be able to capture that love… that laughter… that smile… that moment of sheer happiness… it means the world to me. I sometimes want to hug my clients so tightly… and tell them how much my heart smiles whenever THEY smile. I know life can tear you down in a second, but being surrounded by so much love, so much joy, and so much happiness gives me the hope that life goes on… and as long as couples keep loving each other, keep loving their families, and keep living to have fun… then I’ll always be glad to be there and to be a part of such a amazing moments.

DcKetcham Photography specializes in portrait photography. Based out of Lorain and travels around... wether you are looking for boudoir, glamour, model portfolio, High School Seniors and newborns... as well as maternity and the heart of it all.. Family Portrait Sessions. Do I photograph weddings? Yes... DcKetcham Photography does weddings... select few but.. quality over quantity. My Vision: If I had to describe my style, my work, in one word I would have to say; Passion. Photography has been an integral part of me, and its my passion, and that may sound cliche, but I am the one who is always doing research, looking for new ideas, and after a session, one who comes home instantly and stays up all night, till 2 in the morning processing your proofs and creating those images that will last a lifetime. My inspirations do come from the heart and I want to tell the story. I aim to make my portrait sessions casual, easygoing, fun, and intimate. My style is fresh, photojournalistic, and timeless. My portrait sessions produce more than just pretty photographs. I capture authentic moments: your essence, your love, your relationships, and your beautiful history. I am a storyteller… and, this is your story. Working primarily with natural light, I capture memories that will last a lifetime. On average my sessions last a minimum of an hour or more ... and usually more I love artistic imagery and the photojournalistic approach to photography because I believe it tells a beautiful story.

All portrait sessions include my time, talent, professional retouching, and the processing of your images. I have thought of doing where no prints are included, but why... I believe that you have to have something tangible no matter what so with each session you get a minumum of two prints.

If you are interested in detailed prices and package information, please email me: Prices are based on locations within the greater Lorain area. Should I need to travel outside of this area, an additional travel fee will be determined, if needed DcKetcham Photography is in lorain, amherst, elyria, north ridgeville, vermilion, avon and sheffield. Email me... Invest in yourself. I love doing portrait sessions and look forward to telling your story!

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