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DcKetcham Photography specializes boudoir photography. Based out of Lorain and travels around Ohio and Western Pennsylvania

Above is a small sampling of my boudoir photography. Please contact if interested in seeing more. 

If you are interested in detailed prices and package information, please email me: Prices are based on locations within the greater Lorain area.    ~ Lorain, OH   ~  Copyright 2014, DcKetchamPhotography  ~ 

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Boudoir by DcKetcham Photography is Classy, Elegant, Intimate, fun and sensual images …Photos you will cherish forever and he will love, too.

If you are interested in seeing more of my boudoir portfolio or to discuss a boudoir session of your own, please contact me at

This is a Celebration of You
Your comfort is the most important part of your boudoir portrait session. Clients are treated with the utmost respect. I want you to feel beautiful. Prior to your session, we’ll go over ideas and questions – and you’ll tell me a little about what you think are your best features. You don’t have to have the “perfect body” to look absolutely, positively sexy in your photos. Don’t worry – my job is to bring our your beautiful side.

My Photographic Style
The key to my boudoir photos is what happens when they’re taken AND when they’re processed on the computer. First – what happens when they’re taken: I am not a slave to a camera flash and external lighting. I love working with natural light and the beautiful tones and drama it creates. I bring the same usage of sunflare and bright pops that are in my portrait work to my boudoir sessions. That said, some boudoir sessions are day sessions and some are evening sessions – each has its benefits and evening sessions are also awesome. For evening sessions I add external lighting to some shots to re-create the shadows and flare that I love so much.

Secondly, my processing of the photos after your session makes a big difference. Processing is the term used to describe the creative license I take with the photos. They’re already off to a great start, but I like to add a little something to them. I love retro-faded tones, playing with contrast and customizing the process to each photo. Contrasty and dramatic black and whites are also one of my favorite ways to make a photo sexy and gorgeous. It seems like a black/white photo can instantly remove about 5 pounds, too!

I spend several hours minimum per session processing the photos to capture these styles. This is what sets them apart.

Retouching is included with every session as it’s such an important part of making these photos more than just another picture of yourself. All of the photos in your final gallery are retouched as needed to smooth skin on face and body where needed. During your client interview we will go over any blemishes, scars, etc. you may want removed from final photos. Removing these things after they are in your final gallery may incur an additional cost, so be sure to let me know the day of your session. (Please note: Retouching does not include body sculpting or reshaping!)

What’s It Like
Boudoir sessions are relaxed, fun and feminine. Its just you and the camera, a little wine if you’d like, the tastefully decorated room. This is about you – only a little more bare and a lot sexy!

The focus is on turning your best features into art. Bare shoulders, smooth skin, your best features are highlighted with dramatic backlighting, artistic shadows and creatively-placed sheets and gorgeous lingerie. It’s not always what’s seen but sometimes what’s hinted at! We will go over your session beforehand in detail to make sure I know what you want photographed and what you don’t. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what a great angle can do to bring out your killer curves.

Who to Bring
You are welcome to bring a girlfriend who will be comfortable, can laugh with you and not distract you too much (or the photographer!). No husband, boyfriends – and sometimes even best friends can tend to make us self-conscious during the session. (And need we say it? No children please!) If you do bring a friend, please plan for them to wait in hair/makeup during your shoot. Experience has taught me that I get the best results when you’re focused on the camera and thinking about feeling sexy. And to be honest, it’s best for me, too. I’m usually working quickly and need to keep the focus on you.

What Else Should You Know?
There is nothing more important than your happiness with the experience and your photos. You will be treated with integrity, respect and sensitivity 100% of the time. No images will EVER be posted publicly or shown unless consent is provided by you directly.

What a Session Includes
Every Boudoir by DcKetcham Photography package includes an online viewing gallery for that includes artistically crafted and fully retouched photos (not proofs) – so you can truly see what your final images look like. The exception to this is that they are lower resolution and can appear a little darker on your screen. Packages also include a pre-session consultation and styling tips for the session itself.

Once again,

If you are interested in seeing more of my boudoir portfolio or to discuss a boudoir session of your own, please contact me at

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